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4 x 4 Off Road Experiences

Off-road driving experience- all the thrills. All the spills.

Our off-road driving experience days are all about getting onto beaten tracks, and becoming a master of all terrains, mud, water hazards, and all. In these 4 x 4 experience days the gears and axles will grind, and wheels churn and turn, as you take on steep slopes, unbelievable inclines, tracks, trails, and rutted paths. Driving off-road is a real challenge, a real kick too.

Available in locations across the UK the day begins with a coffee and a debrief- then it is off to the 4 x 4. With one driver and instructor per car you will get hands on instruction and expertise, so you can quickly become accustomed to tackling the all terrain obstacles. After you've got to grips with it the instructor can even leave the vehicle and let you try a course solo. Depending on the package you can also bring up to two passengers with you- strapped safely in the back to share the adrenaline with you. It is fair to say that you won't believe what these vehicles are capable of until you try it.

Driving Experiences offers both full and half day off-road driving excursions, in a variety of vehicles. And in some locations you can mix and match off road driving with track experiences, rally driving, quad biking, and military vehicle driving.

On a practical note- make sure you wear light clothing- and shoes, that you are prepared to get muddy. Off-road driving days are robust, full on, and rough and ready. Children accompanied by an adult are welcome. Spectators are welcome- and if you've chosen a package to bring passengers then we totally encourage banter!

4 x 4 driving experience. Find the beaten track. Beat the Beaten track.