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Audi R8 Driving Experiences

R8s are generally seen as the most roundest of super-cars in terms of performance. They are the step sister of the famous Lamborghini- and designed and crafted from the same technology that won Le Mans. Truly fantastic motors which match the arguably more notorious brands toe for toe in terms of speed and quality. Jeremy Clarkson called the R8 “one the all time greats and one of the best surprises of his motoring life.”

Audi R8 experience days begin with tea, coffee, and registration. There is then a full safety debrief before you are taken track-side with your instructor. The instructor will give you all the inside low-down of the circuit- including expert knowledge of the race-line, brake points, and gear changes. To warm up and get used to the track you'll be given a practice lap or two in a saloon car not quite as powerful as the R8- but quick enough to get you primed for what is coming.

Then you will step into the R8, and prepare for some serious adrenaline. With your instructor sat by your side you will take this awesome machine for several laps of the track, doing your uttermost to get the most from it. Driving an Audi R8 is a totally high octane experience.

If you are in a group the instructor will give you all feedback- on who drove best- and who could be the next Lewis Hamilton.

Spectators are welcome at the venues, so your mates or loved ones can watch as you hurtle round at death-defying speeds. It also possible to combine driving the Audi R8 with other super-car experiences- so you can compare what car best suits your style. Available across the UK- so you never have to drive too far- Audi R8 experience days will leave you breathless.