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Ferrari Driving Experiences

Drive a Ferrari, and feel the thrill with our Ferrari driving experience.

Ferraris were first manufactured in 1939, but have got a hell of a lot quicker since then. They are the definitive model in power and beauty. We offer you the chance of driving a Ferrari- full pelt, in locations across the UK. And the chance to get to grips with what Jeremy Clarkson called “the best car in the world”.

Our Ferrari experience days are designed to quickly build your driving skills, so you have the confidence and the know-how to get the most out the these awesome machines over several heart-stopping laps.

After a coffee and debrief you'll be taken to the track with our qualified instructor. You will then given specialised track knowledge of the racing line, gear change, and braking points, and depending on the package you have chosen- the chance to familiarise yourself and practice the twists, straights, and hairpins, in a saloon car not quite as quick as the Ferrari itself. Once you've become accustomed to the track it is Ferrari Time. With the instructor safely by your side you will have the chance to show what you have learnt and finally handle these breathtaking luxury motors, opening it right up. Once you have calmed back down there is an option for the instructor to take you round once more, showing you how the pros do it.

Driving Experiences have partnered with the best tracks across all corners of the UK- so no matter where you are based you'll be able to experience driving a Ferrari without too much hassle and having to travel too far. Our prices are great too- with passenger only experiences available from only £20. Spectators and children accompanied by an adult are welcome at most tracks- so your mates or loved ones can see you driving, and tearing down the home straight.

Super Value Blasts from £39 - £0.00
Supercar Choice Nationwide £79 - £0.00
ferrari driving days - £0.00
Ferrari Masterclass - £239.00
Ferrari Thrill Nationwide From £79 - £0.00
Classic Ferrari Experience - £119.00
Euro Challenge - £0.00
Ferrari v Porsche challenge - £0.00
Ferrari Junior Drive - £89.00
Ultimate Supercar 4 - £0.00
Ferrari, Rally & Off RoadTaster - £159.00
Ultimate Supercar & Rally Taster - £299.00
ferrari lamborghini & Rally - £199.00
Ferrari v Aston & Rally Taster - £199.00
Ferrari v Subaru or Evo Oxford
Ferrari v Subaru or Evo Oxford - £139.00
Aston Martin v Ferrari/Nationwide
Aston Martin v Ferrari Nationwide - £0.00
Supercar & Rally Day£369 - £369.00
Audi R8 v Ferrari Nationwide - £0.00
Ferrari v AudiR8 & Rally Taster - £199.00
Junior Ferrari & Rally - £109.00
Aston v Ferrari v Lambo - £279.00
Aston v Ferrari v AudiR8 Oxford
Aston v Ferrari v Audi R8 Oxford - £289.00
Ferrari360 v AstonMartinDB9/V8
Ferrari v Aston Martin DB9/V8 - £0.00
Ferrari v Lamborghini Nationwide - £0.00
Aston Martin v Ferrari Oxford Staffs Anglesey - £189.00
Audi R8 v Ferrari v Lamborghini Oxford/Staffs/Anglesey - £229.00
Supercar V Lotus - £0.00
1600HP+Supercars - £199.00
Supercar x 4 & 5 - £0.00
Supercar Choice & Rally - £119.00
Cotswold Supercar Choice - £0.00
Supercar Drive & Ride£99 - £99.00
Ferrari vPorsche Nationwide - £0.00
Supercar & RallyDay£359
Supercar Value Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £59.00
Double Supercar Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £119.00
Triple Supercar Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £149.00
Performance Car Extravaganza
Supercar SIX Pack. N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £269.00
Jaguar E Type v Supercar Choice - £199.00
Supercar value blast Nationwide - £0.00
Double Supercar Value Blast Nationwide - £0.00
Triple Supercar value blast Nationwide - £0.00
4 Supercars value blast Nationwide - £0.00
5 Supercar value blast Nationwide - £0.00
Supercar High Speed Passenger Ride / Nationwide - £0.00
Ferrari v Subaru or Evo Oxford
Double Supercar Choice & Rally - £0.00
Supercar Value Choice NORTH - £0.00
Double Supercar Choice NORTH - £0.00
Triple Supercar Choice NORTH - £0.00
Ariel Atom v Supercar Choice - £0.00