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Man has always dreamt of flying- but while modern day passenger jets are great in their way they do not do the dream justice. In order to fully live that dream you need to experience a classic airplane, from the era of vintage aviation, which still allows you to feel the wind rushing against your face. At Driving Experiences we give you the chance to take the skies above Gloucestershire in the classic RAF Tiger Moth. The Tiger Moth bi-plane was first built in 1943- as a training plane for pilots fighting the Nazis. It has been used to train pilots ever since.

This thrilling half day flying experience will begin with a full safety debrief over coffee. You'll then be taken to the skies with your instructor and pilot for a 30 minute flight- described by BBC TV as “the best experience in my life”. During this you'll be given the chance to take control, above the world below, and feel the full excitement experienced by earlier aviators. Before the flight concludes you'll be given a choice to experience an acrobatic flight if you are feeling brave enough. From the pilot seat you'll barrel roll, soar, dive, and loop the loop. This is flying at its unbelievably exhilarating best. If you are not up for acrobatics fear not- another option is available. After a brief landing you'll be taken up in a modern day training airplane- that is used to train the pilots of today. This is a very different experience, with a different kind of adventure and feeling. After trying this and the Tiger Moth you can see for yourself which one you prefer. Whichever option you choose you'll be given certification to mark your successful first day in the skies.

These half day experiences really are like no other- ideal as mind-blowing gifts for the adventurous.

Tiger Moth from £129
from £129.00
Tiger Moth from £129