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Jaguar Driving Experiences

Jaguar Driving experiences are for those who simply love a touch of class- the connoisseurs of motoring excellence. Our Jaguar of choice is the E type Jag. It is easy to see why too- Enzo Ferrari famously described it as “the most beautiful car I never built.” It has been voted the most beautiful car of all time by readers of Autotrader magazine. It is not just beautiful however- the E type can reach speeds of up to 150mph- they are still seriously quick even by today's motoring standards.

There are two very popular two options presenting you the opportunity of driving the E type. Option 1 is to designate the experience solely to the E type. After a coffee and safety debrief you'll be given the track fundamentals by the instructor- and a chance to practice- following that there will be six laps in what is simply one of the best cars ever made, and a chance to experience all it can deliver. The second option will be to compare the E type with another super-car of your choice- to see how the classic compares to the contemporary. Both options will dose you up on class, elegance, and adrenaline. Both of these packages are available in Oxfordshire. The faster, and equally thrilling, F type Jaguar can be driven as part of super-car days across the UK.

Friends and family are welcome to join you at track-side and watch. Refreshments are available, and driving experience days make great days out for all the family. Jaguar experience days make great gifts for those who have a high benchmark, and exemplary motoring taste.

Super Value Blasts from £39 - £0.00
Classic British Treble
Jaguar E Type v Supercar Choice - £199.00
Jaguar XE Junior driving experience - £0.00
Double Supercar Choice NORTH - £0.00
Triple Supercar Choice NORTH - £0.00
Classic Jaguar E Type Thrill - £0.00
Supercar Choice Nationwide £79 - £0.00
Supercar Value Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £59.00
Triple Supercar Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £149.00
Supercar SIX Pack. N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £269.00
Double Supercar Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £119.00
Ariel Atom v Supercar Choice - £0.00
Supercar Value Choice NORTH - £0.00