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Lamborghini Driving Experiences

The first Lamborghini, the 350 GTV, was designed by the legendary Ferrucio. Having opened a tractor factory after World War 2 he felt the world needed glamour, and a different kind of motor vehicle. In the early 1960s the first Lamborghini was conceived, and first showcased in 1963 at the Turin Motorshow. They have set the tone for style and exhilaration ever since. For over 50 years these cars have spoken of speed, power and luxury. Our Lamborghini driving experiences are available nationwide and offer you the chance to take the wheel and reach speeds touching 191mph, as the V12 engines roar. The sheer size and power Lamborghini’s, with their exhausts practically the size of tank guns, are something to behold. Come, and experience driving Lamborghini’s prime models- the Gallardo or the Murcielago.

All Lamborghini driving days begin with a welcome debrief over a quick cup of tea or coffee, as safety is always paramount. Your instructor will then take you through the full circuit, the gear changes, and brake points, so that you can make the most of the experience. Depending on the venue you have chosen you may then be given the chance to warm up in high performance saloon cars for a couple of laps, or instead head straight into the Lamborghini for a baptism of fire, to hurtle round the track and take full control.

Spectators are welcome trackside, so your family and friends can cheer (or jeer), at your handling skills. Refreshments are available. The day is wrapped up with a debrief from the instructor- so you can see what you need to work on before going pro- and certificates of achievement to mark the day. Packages are also available as gifts- something to really remember.

To experience all the adrenaline, that thrill which is driving a Lamborghini yourself, contact us today.

Super Value Blasts from £39 - £0.00
Lamborghini North East From£99 - £0.00
Euro Challenge - £0.00
ferrari lamborghini & Rally - £199.00
Lamborghini Thrill Nationwide From £79 - £0.00
Supercar x 4 & 5 - £0.00
Aston Martin v Lamborghini Stafford/Anglesey - £189.00
Ultimate Supercar & Rally Taster - £299.00
Aston v LamborghiniOxford
Aston v LamborghiniOxford - £189.00
Aston v Ferrari v Lambo
Aston v Ferrari v Lambo - £279.00
Lamborghini Oxford or Stafford
Lamborghini Oxford or Stafford - £0.00
Lamborghini MurcielagoLP640 Thrill from£119
Lamborghini Platinum Thrill from £119 - £0.00
Ultimate Supercar 4 - £0.00
Nissan GTR v Lambo Gallardo LP560 4 Nationwide - £0.00
Lamborghini, Rally & 4x4 Taster - £159.00
Aston Martin v Lamborghini N/E
Aston Martin v Lamborghini N/E - £199.00
Supercar & Rally Day£369 - £369.00
Lamborghini v Audi R8 & Rally Taster - £199.00
Junior Lamborghini & Rally - £109.00
Audi R8 v Lamborghini/Nationwide
Audi R8 v Lamborghini Nationwide - £0.00
Lambo GallardoLP560-4 v AstonMartin/Nationwide
Lambo Gallardo LP560-4 v Aston Martin Nationwide - £0.00
Ferrari v Lamborghini Nationwide - £0.00
Lamborghini v Porsche Nationwide - £0.00
Lamborghini Junior Drive
Lamborghini Junior Drive - £89.00
Audi R8 v Ferrari v Lamborghini
Audi R8 v Ferrari v Lamborghini Oxford/Staffs/Anglesey - £229.00
Supercar Choice Nationwide £79 - £0.00
Supercar V Lotus - £0.00
Supercar Choice & Rally - £119.00
Aston Martin v Lamborghini & Rally Taster - £199.00
Jaguar E Type v Supercar Choice - £199.00
Supercar value blast Nationwide - £0.00
Double Supercar Value Blast Nationwide - £0.00
Triple Supercar value blast Nationwide - £0.00
4 Supercars value blast Nationwide - £0.00
5 Supercar value blast Nationwide - £0.00
Supercar Value Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £59.00
Double Supercar Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £119.00
Triple Supercar Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £149.00
Supercar SIX Pack. N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £269.00
Supercar High Speed Passenger Ride / Nationwide - £0.00
Double Supercar Choice & Rally - £0.00
Supercar Value Choice NORTH - £0.00
Double Supercar Choice NORTH - £0.00
Triple Supercar Choice NORTH - £0.00
Ariel Atom v Supercar Choice - £0.00
1600HP+Supercars - £199.00
Cotswold Supercar Choice - £0.00
Supercar Drive & Ride£99 - £99.00