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Lotus and Mini Driving Experiences

The size of these motors make driving a blast and handling a total thrill. The Lotus boasts the weight speed of an actual supercar, and the 0-100mph in under 12 seconds is something that must be experienced to be believed. And with engines refined and mastered by BMW, to compliment the classic design, a Mini driving experience is a real scream. Best of all these half day mini experiences allow you to bring a friend to sit on the passenger seat- to share in the exhilaration. Share those thrills. Lotus and mini experiences are available in in venues in several parts of England.

Our mini driving and lotus driving experience days always begin with debrief and introduction over a tea or coffee. It really is safety first. You will then be taken trackside and given the insider knowledge by your fully qualified instructor. In next to no time you’ll be familiarised with the circuit’s brake points and gear changes, so you’ll know when and where you can floor it. Next up you get the chance to take the wheel, and use all you have just learned, as you hurtle just inches above the tarmac. The Lotus and Mini offer extra excitement, as the handling at speed feels phenomenal.

Feel free to bring your mates or your family with you trackside- refreshments are available as they marvel at your driving skills. If someone decides that is all looks too much fun, and they want to try from themselves on the day, a range of experiences are available to purchase on the spot on the day. In some venues a free 4 x 4 ride is offered to spectators, as a taster. Lotus and Mini driving days are available as gifts, and our vouchers are valid for 9 months.

All days are rounded off with a certificate so you can prove to everyone afterwards just what motoring prowess you are capable of. Our instructors offer a full and rigorous assessment, so if you aspire to be the next Lewis Hamilton then you’ll know what you need to work on.

For all the fun of our mini and lotus days contact us today.

Lotus Elise Blast - £0.00
Supercar V Lotus - £0.00
Britsport Experience - £129.00
Porsche V Lotus - £169.00
Supersport - £189.00
Power Drive - £179.00
ferrari driving days - £0.00
Lotus Experience North East - £0.00
Supercar x 4 & 5 - £0.00
Mini Cooper High Speed Self Drive or Passenger Ride
Mini Cooper High Speed Self Drive or Passenger Ride - £65.00
Passenger laps
Passenger laps - £45.00
Mini Adventure
Mini Adventure - £199.00
Variety Adventure
Variety Adventure - £119.00
Ferrari Masterclass - £239.00
4 Supercars value blast Nationwide - £0.00
5 Supercar value blast Nationwide - £0.00
Supercar Value Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £59.00
Double Supercar Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £119.00
Triple Supercar Choice N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £149.00
Supercar SIX Pack. N.London. S.Wales. Lincs. Scotland. - £269.00