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Nissan GTR Driving Experiences

The most innovative supercars are often built when manufacturers set out to prove their excellence, and in the GTR Nissan have done just that. Horsepower and torque reach 570PS and 637N, and the car boasts new titanium exhaust with open valve system. When driving a Nissan GTR you will experience power and luxury rolled into one of the world’s premier supercars. Don’t just take our word for it- try for yourself. Nissan GRT experiences can also be combined with multi supercar experience days- so you can see which of the world’s premier machines you prefer.

The Nissan GTR experience days begin with registration, coffee, and a full safety debrief. You are then taken trackside with the instructor who will talk you through the track’s secrets, all the gear change and brake points. He will then take you for two scintillating laps in a performance saloon, so you can get a sense of what the GTR will be capable of. It is then your chance- and you can drive the Nissan GRT over 4 laps, feelings its power, keeping control.

GTR experience days are available across the England and Wales- you’ll never have to travel to far from home. All tracks are fully equipped, refreshments are available, and spectators are welcome. If you wish to bring friends and family along to banter- and watch as you tear up the home straight. All days are rounded off with a certificate of attainment to remember the day. All Nissan GTR experience days can be purchased as vouchers making them perfect as a personal or corporate gift. To get to grips with the Nissan GTR contact us today.

Supercar Choice Nationwide£99
from £59.00
Super Value Blasts from £39
Supercar Choice Nationwide£99
from £79.00
Supercar Choice Nationwide £79
Aston Martin  v Nissan GTR/Nationwide
from £159.00
Aston Martin v Nissan GTR Nationwide
Junior Nissan GTR
from £89.00
Junior Nissan GTR Drive
NissanGTR v LamboGallardoLP560-4/Nationwide
from £159.00
Nissan GTR v Lambo Gallardo LP560 4 Nationwide
NissanGTR v AudiR8/Nationwide
from £159.00
Nissan GTR v AudiR8 Nationwide
Nissan GTR Thrill£99 Nationwide
from £79.00
Nissan GTR Thrill £79 Nationwide
from £79.00
Supercar value blast Nationwide
from £119.00
Double Supercar Value Blast Nationwide
from £149.00
Triple Supercar value blast Nationwide
from £179.00
4 Supercars value blast Nationwide
from £229.00
5 Supercar value blast Nationwide
Supercar HighSpeed PassengerRide/Nationwide
from £69.00
Supercar High Speed Passenger Ride / Nationwide
Ferrari v Subaru or Evo Oxford
from £299.00
Double Supercar Choice & Rally
Lambo GallardoLP560-4 v AstonMartin/Nationwide
from £109.00
Supercar Value Choice NORTH
Supercar & RallyDay£359
from £199.00
Double Supercar Choice NORTH
Supercar Choice Nationwide£99
from £249.00
Triple Supercar Choice NORTH
Aston Martin v Ariel Atom
from £159.00
Ariel Atom v Supercar Choice