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Porsche Driving Experiences

Ferdinand Porsche  designed the first hybrid gasoline-electric car for an Austrian company in 1900, at the age of just 25. Porsche have been innovating ever since. Porches are the epitome of German engineering- and that means engineering excellence, and the the 911 is the quintessential Porsche. This is for good reason. It boasts a BPH of 493 and a 0-60 of just 3.5 seconds. These iconic cars deserve their status, and acclaimed brand reputation. While many of us will not own a Porsche, our Porsche driving experiences offer you unrivalled opportunity to experience just what all the fuss is about.

Our Porsche driving days will leave you exhilarated, but begin steadily enough with a safety briefing and a coffee after registration. You will then be taken trackside and our fully qualified instructors will give you the inside track- knowledge of the brake points and gear changes. They will then give you a taste of what is coming up next- by blasting through a couple of practice laps in a performance saloon with you as passenger. The main course is the chance to drive the Porsche 911 over 4 heartstopping laps. You will have the chance to put your foot to the floor and take full control.

Porsche experiences can be part of multi-car car days out, or experienced solo. They are available across England and Wales, so there should be centre not too far away. The reputation of the Porsche ensures a Porsche Experience will be a treasured gift, and something to really remember. Spectators are welcome, so bring along friends and family to admire your handling- a range of on the day experiences are usually available should the mood take them. All days are complete with a certificate of achievement and reminder, and a full instructors appraisal. Contact us today to drive a Porsche 911.