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Powerboat Experiences

Sometimes we all need a break from the old routine. So get away from the road- take to the waters- where massive speeds can be reached, the spray blasts your face, and you practically take to the skies as the powerboat roars and bounces of the water’s surface. Leaving land behind as you head off to the horizon.

Powerboat experiences are an amazing day out. You will spend over two hours on the water, with at least 20 mins to take the awesome 300HP powered Hypercat through her paces. All days include full tuition.

The day begins with a safety briefing- this is vital- as the open water poses unfamiliar risks- you’ll also have refreshments- teas and coffee- before you leave. You will then change into your safety gear- you won’t need a life jacket but will need to put one on just in case. It is then time to head off to the waters. You will be guided and instructed by an experienced skipper- who has raced powerboats professionally- they’ll keep you safe and show you just what the Hypercat can do. Once out on the water- the land behind you- you’ll be given a full and detailed lesson on handling powerboats at sea. Then it is time for the demonstration. Powerboat experiences are a total blast- and the open air nature of the activity is utterly exhilarating- you’ll be reaching immense speeds and everything feels faster outdoors. The session is completed when you take the wheel and drive the powerboat for yourself, feeling the full thrill.

Powerboat driving days make great gifts, and as there are less restrictions in the water they can be enjoyed by children as young as 12. Perfect for adults and children alike.

Take to the seas. Experience a powerboat. Contact us today.

from £199.00
007 Powerboat Adventure
from £119.00
Honda Racing Experience
from £159.00
Hypercat Powerboat Experience
from £99.00
Hypercat Taster
from £299.00
Luxury Powerboat Day
from £199.00
Luxury Sunseeker Experience
from £119.00
Sunseeker Taster
from £159.00
Super Boat Challenge