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Subaru & Evolution Driving Experiences

The very best saloon cars have to offer. These days enable you to experience the thrill of the track, and test your driving capability. The Subaru Impreza offers a amazing the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive handling. And a unique Boxer engine for a heightened driving experience. It is designed for all round performance, on the road, the track, or while rallying. Similarly, as a performance saloon the Mitsubishi Evolution offers a specially designed engine sporting a turbo-charged 440bhp at 6,800rpm and 412 lb.ft at 3,100rpm. That really delivers a punch. Both of these cars are optimum all round machines, and ideal to hone driving expertise.

After registration the Subaru and Evolution driving experience days begin with a full safety briefing over tea or coffee. You are then escorted track side with one of our instructors, who will talk you through all the track’s brake points and gear changes. It is then time to strap in and hold on as the instructor takes you for a blast- you will experience from the passenger seat the car being taken fully through its paces. It is then over to you. You will take the wheel and have a chance to try out what you have just learned- taking the wheel and full control of these powerful saloon cars- it is more than taking them for a spin- you are seeing all these cars can deliver- if your skills can match it. A certificate and full driver appraisal will be given

Mitsubishi Driving days and Subaru experiences are available March to Nov in venues across England. Refreshments are available, and all spectators are welcome to join you from the stands, as you show them the full extent of your prowess. If the mood takes them packages are also available for purchase on the day. As thrilling two hour experiences Subaru and Mitsubishi days are great for gifts.

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Subaru Rally Taster South£99 - £99.00
ferrari driving days - £0.00
Supercar x 4 & 5 - £0.00
Subaru Impreza Turbo or Mitsubishi Evolution N/Wide - £0.00
Rally Gold - £0.00
Super Saloon - £169.00
Ferrari v Aston & Rally Taster - £199.00
rally driving taster - £0.00
Subaru North East - £0.00
Power Drive - £179.00
ferrari lamborghini & Rally - £199.00
Lamborghini, Rally & 4x4 Taster - £159.00
Ferrari, Rally & Off RoadTaster - £159.00
Ultimate Supercar & Rally Taster - £299.00
Subaru Half Day Rally South£199 - £199.00
Ferrari v Subaru or Evo Oxford - £139.00
Aston Martin, Rally & Off Road Taster - £159.00
Supercar HighSpeed PassengerRide/Nationwide
Supercar High Speed Passenger Ride / Nationwide - £0.00
Lamborghini v Audi R8 & Rally Taster - £199.00
Ferrari v AudiR8 & Rally Taster - £199.00
Subaru Full day Rally South - £299.00
OffRoad & Rally Experience - £0.00
Aston Martin v Lamborghini & Rally Taster - £199.00
Supercar Choice & Rally - £119.00
Subaru Rally Worcester Full Day - £249.00
Mitsubishi Evolution Blast Staffordshire/Oxfordshire - £0.00
Rally Silver - £0.00
Double Supercar Choice & Rally - £0.00
Full Day Subaru Impreza WRX Rallying in Oxfordshire 4 wheel Drive - £389.00
Half Day Subaru Impreza WRX Rallying in Oxfordshire 4 wheel drive - £249.00