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Supercar Driving Experiences

Audi R8Here at driving experiences we offer you the chance to drive supercars- to meet your time, budget, and thrill level. We have supercar days sure to please any motor enthusiast.

Ferrari Days - the byword for luxury, elegance and power-  Ferrari driving will blow you away.

Porsche Driving experience - the very best of German engineering- precision and power combined.

Lotus driving days- these nimble and powerful sports cars handle better than probably any other.

Ferrari vs Porsche - which of these classic brands do you prefer?

Mclaren Driving - how good is the most engineered British supercar?- very damn good.

Drive a Lamborghini - Size, power, and sheer speed.

Mustang Vette and Viper driving - all American- unique handling and total power designed for the USA’s open roads. Class.

Aston Martin experience - the car of James Bond- see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Drive an Ariel Atom - get closer to the floor- a real racing experience.

Audi R8 - the most all round supercar in the world- a benchmark in excellence.

Supercar choice - Mix and match from the above- and also try your hand at Subaru’s rally car.

All packages offer full safety briefing, full instruction, and the opportunity for a practice lap- either as passenger or as warm up when driving. Our fully qualified instructors will give you all the lowdown and inside track knowledge- where and when to change gear, brake, or accelerate.

Driving a supercar is an unforgettable experience, and you will have the chance to push your driving to the absolute limit- and let the full speed and acceleration of these awesome machines totally blow you away.

Most days are complete with driver appraisal and certificate- and with full refreshments available friends and family can share the good times with you track side- often with options to purchase on the day if the mood takes them.

Petrolheads, or those just looking for something new and exciting, will love supercar driving experiences- available as vouchers these days also make brilliant gifts.

Some experiences are available for juniors.

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